Litter strewn playpark greets holidaying kids

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Families have hit out after a popular park was left in a “shocking state” just days after schools broke up for the summer break.

As sunny weather took hold early last week, parents and children flocked to Woodhead Park, in Kirkintilloch, to enjoy the start of their holidays.

But it wasn’t long before the small bins around the children’s playpark were overflowing.

Speaking last week, dad Alexander Kerr told the Herald: “It’s only the second day that children are out of school and the litter in Woodhead Park at the play area is already in a shocking state.

“Bins had clearly not been emptied for days and were overflowing, with litter and debris all over the place - and young children are playing amongst this.

“I did not stay long there with my two young girls .

“If this is the state of present day East Dunbartonshire due to cutbacks then it’s hardly a pleasant place to live and shows where council priorities lie.

“No doubt it will be cleared before the Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton arrives, but then again the public spaces where once flowers were are also a disgrace and hardly

something to be proud of.”

Another resident added: “It’s not exactly rocket science to work out that the bins will need to be emptied more over the summer holidays.

“Ideally people would take their litter home with them but you have to be realistic and say that’s not always going to happen - proper bins need to be available to keep it tidy.”

Grace Irvine, the council’s director of neighbourhood services, said that council officers would keep an eye on the situation - but plead with park users to dispose of litter properly.

She said: “Woodhead Park is scheduled for weekly maintenance which includes litter picking and emptying of bins.

“The majority of people who visit the area, come to enjoy it and do treat it with respect. They use the bins provided or take their litter home, however unfortunately there are those who do not and who continue to drop litter.

“During the summer holidays the park will be monitored and additional visits will be made to keep the park maintained to a high standard.”