Liz battles disease with humour and honesty

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To mark Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Week a former Bearsden Academy teacher - who has the degenerative disease - is working tirelessly to help others with the condition.

Liz Ogg (67) from Milngavie will be fondly remembered by many generations as the English teacher at the school for more than 25 years. Unfortunately she developed MND three years ago and it is now robbed her of her speech. She also finds it very difficult to eat, drink and move without help.

But unperturbed Liz has always tried to make the most of each day, according to her loving husband Alan. Along with his two daughters Nicola and Lindsey they have helped Liz make the most of every day as her condition worsens.

One way Liz has found to help her cope, is to set up an online blog which will help combat the isolation that many people experience.

Alan said: “In the last year she has set her mind to raising awareness of this incurable disease in any way she can. Some months ago, she established an Internet blog which deals in a very open and humorous way with the various aspects of the disease.

“She concentrates not so much on the problems she faces but on the solutions she has found. Talking out loud about the illness has helped her to cope and has connected her with many others in the same position.”

The blog has reached an astonishing number of readers not just in the UK but right across the world.

It can be found at

Lis has also started a closed Facebook page, which now has 105 members, with many members from Scotland and significant numbers from Australia and New Zealand.

Alan added, “There are even participants from Albania and Sweden. Members regularly share their stories, their concerns, their problems and solutions. Anyone with a genuine connection to MND can find the Facebook page MND Together and ask to join.”