Local demos will target “secretive” US deal on NHS

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Demonstrators against plans that are claimed set to lay the NHS wide open to exploitation by American private enterprise will be seeking support in Kirkintilloch and Bishopbriggs on Saturday.

The day of action in East Dunbartonshire is part of a nationwide effort coordinated by independent campaign group 38 Degrees.

It will see local campaigners aiming to get over their message to hundreds of people about what are argued to be the dangers of a controversial deal, and how it might affect their lives if it isn’t stopped.

Campaigners say a “secretive” deal could force NHS trusts across the country to open up to American private healthcare providers, and could allow big businesses to sue the government if British laws dent their profits.

East Dunbartonshire volunteers will take to the streets outside the Regent Centre in Kirkintilloch and at Bishopbriggs Cross (outside Costa Coffee) at 11am on Saturday, joining thousands of other people who are taking similar action across the UK.

They’re calling on people to sign the petition against the controversial “Transatlantic Trade and Industry Partnership” (TTIP) which will be delivered to politicians in October.

Amy Lockwood, campaigner at 38 Degrees said: “This Saturday, 38 Degrees members in East Dunbartonshire will be pushing TTIP, the dangerous trade deal, out of secret negotiating rooms and into the public spotlight.”

“People in East Dunbartonshire have a right to know that this dodgy deal is being hashed out behind their backs. From the NHS, to schools, to the food on our tables, TTIP could tear up the public services and protections that people fought hard for.

“Saturday’s day of action is all about the people of East Dunbartonshire sending a message to corporate lobbyists: we won’t sit back while you re-write the rules of democracy.”

38 Degrees claims more than three million members, and campaigns on a range of major national issues.