Local Green party reports a surge in numbers

Following the Scottish Independence Referendum back in September, the local branch of the Green Party has this week reported a rise in membership.

Total membership for the Dunbartonshire branch in Kirkintilloch and surrounding area is now standing at almost 50. Previously there were only around 10 members.

This time last year the branch had 19 members and now there are more than 200 - most of whom joined within 72 hours of the referendum result.

Emma Sheppard, Dunbartonshire Green Party co-convener, said: “I am officially now ‘old guard’ Green Party having joined over 15 years ago because they were the only party with credible social justice and environmental policies.

“It’s great that so many people have realised that we are not just about recycling.”

She added: “New members have come from all ages and walks of life, ranging from a retired MOD policeman to a 17-year-old still at Boclair Academy.

“At our AGM in April we just managed the five people needed to stop the branch from dissolving, there’s no threat of that now.”