Local MP becomes a record-breaker at Westminster

Jo Swinson
Jo Swinson

East Dunbartonshire has become the youngest woman ever to attend the UK government cabinet.

Ms Swinson was providing an update on the Government’s policies on women earlier this month.

Although she is not a full cabinet minister rank, Ms Swinson attends when issues to do with her role as Women and Equalities Minister are on the agenda. She talked about the significant reforms that she has worked on in government.

She said: “I was delighted to update the cabinet on this government’s achievements in getting more women in work than ever before, the gender pay gap at its lowest level and the highest number of women-led businesses. In the week that new shared parental leave reforms come into effect, with 285,000 couples (including 20,000 in Scotland) eligible, I was also able to explain to the cabinet how this policy will go a long way to advancing equality at home and in the workplace.”