Lock out the neds in Bishopbriggs!

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EXASPERATED residents have demanded gates for a path at the back of their homes to stop disruption and vandalism.

The path at the back of houses in Cedar Road, Bishopbriggs, allows access to greenspace and reports have been made about youths and anti-social behaviour in the area.

East Dunbartonshire Council has made attempts to tackle the problem, including planting bushes and a request for CCTV surveillance to be considered. It’s understood police have targeted the area.

Residents have submitted two petitions asking for gates to be installed to close the path.

The matter was due to be considered at a meeting of the development and infrastructure committee last night (Tuesday).

However, it’s been recommended that councillors decline the request to install the gates because the path is a right of way.

The report said: “Installation of gates would constitute path closure and would require the necessary legal processes associated with path closure to be followed.”