Long lens of the law focusing in on anti-social crime

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BODY cameras will be worn by cops and council workers in a bid to crack down on anti-social behaviour in East Dunbartonshire.

Litter louts, noisy neighbours and dog owners who fail to clean up their pet’s mess could all be caught on camera - and the footage used as evidence.

The tiny cameras, which cost around £550 each, fit onto officers and wardens’ jackets.

The scheme was launched last week across East Dunbartonshire.

Kenny Simpson, head of housing and community services, said: “Body worn cameras have been introduced in other local authority areas throughout the country and appear to be an effective tool in tackling anti-social behaviour and environmental crime, whilst going someway to protect environmental wardens by deterring threatening behaviour. By being able to produce hard evidence of incidents attended, wardens will be able to work more closely with the local police in tackling criminal activity within the area, which is reassuring for people living and working in East Dunbartonshire.”

A total of eight cameras, bought with a Community Safety Partnership grant, will be used throughout East Dunbartonshire.

Inspector Donald Leitch said: “The body mounted cameras will provide additional corroboration and protection without restricting an officer’s actions or movements.

“They can be used to record incidents providing a digital video image and audio capture.”

He added: “Additionally, they provide protection for members of the public, police officers and wardens alike, as it is a visible deterrent to any potential assailant, making a clear statement that their actions will be recorded on video.”

Inspector Leitch said the cameras would provide ‘quality evidence’ for Criminal Justice partners.

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