Looking back

Boatyard, Kirkintilloch.
Boatyard, Kirkintilloch.

20 years ago

Bogus charity collectors conned hundreds of pounds from unsuspecting residents who thought they were donating to a cancer research fund.

Sick pranksters had been homing in on houses in Bishopbriggs, demanding cash up front for special pins issued by Marie Curie Cancer Care.

The thieves fooled residents into forking out £1 for each pin but did not return with any of the orders.

Marie Curie fundraisers assured the Herald that they had nothing to do with these door-to-door collections.

And they urged residents to alert police if they were targeted by the pranksters.

Fundraiser Marion MacCormick said: “We were really upset to find that youngsters were posing as our collectors, and we just hope they haven’t undone all our hard work.

“We’ve been fundraising in the Strathkelvin area for years and we wouldn’t want our loyal supporters to think that we had anything to do with this.

“We don’t even sell these pins door-to-door.

“They are only available through our recognised fundraisers, who sell them to their work colleagues or their families.”

Police warned people not to be taken in, warning residents to be on their guard.

10 years ago

A grandmother came to the rescue when she delivered her pregnant daughter’s baby...on the bathroom floor.

Super gran Jacqueline Trotter couldn’t believe it when her daughter, Karen Lipp, went into labour and gave birth to baby Nicole Elise just 20 minutes later.

Jacqueline (60), from Kirkintilloch, told the Herald: “I spoke to Karen in the afternoon.

“She said she was having some pains and asked if her dad and I would take her son, Callum (2), to our house.

“But she called shortly after and said we would have to come straight away, because the baby was on its way.

“When we arrived at Karen’s house her husband, Jonathan, thought she would make it to the hospital on time. But I took one look at her and saw how close together her contractions were and said she wasn’t going anywhere.”

After calling an ambulance, Jacqueline spoke to paramedics over the phone, who gave her instructions and guided her through the delivery.

Jacqueline said: “I was not the way it had been planned but we both knew that going to the hospital wasn’t an option at that point.

“I didn’t have time to think. I knew I had to help her have the baby.

“Because I have given birth myself, I knew what the experience was like, but that doesn’t prepare you for actually delivering a baby.

“Karen’s friend Linda was also there.”

This week’s photo, courtesy of EDLC Trust, shows the old boatyard at Townhead Bridge, in Kirkintilloch