Louts leave ‘spike’ sticking out of sand in Kirkintilloch park

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SICK thugs attacked a popular playpark – leaving a sharp metal pipe jutting out of the sandpit.

Council officers swung into action after a parent reported the ‘spike’ in the Woodhead Park play area, in Kirkintilloch.

The mum said: “I was appalled to find a metal pipe sticking up approximately six inches out of the ground in the sandpit near the toadstool seats.

“Were a child to fall on this it would likely cause extreme injury and could be fatal.”

Luckily nobody was injured by the pipe - which was the twisted remains of a vandalised piece of play park equipment - but council chiefs have asked residents to keep an eye out for any similar incidents.

David Devine, the council’s head of roads and neighbourhood services, said: “One of the three toadstool shaped seats in the play park was vandalised over the weekend and as soon as this came to the council’s attention action was taken to remove the damaged apparatus on Monday, October 1.

“A replacement is now on order and will be installed in the near future.

“Vandalism to play equipment is a serious matter and I would urge the public to inform the police and the council should they witness equipment being damaged, to help catch the culprits and essential repairs to be carried out as soon as possible.”

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