Luxury home may have to be BULLDOZED after flouting planing laws

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AN EXPENSIVE new house may have to be razed to the ground as it is too big, too wide and boasts an unauthorised balcony!

East Dunbartonshire Council’s planning committee has refused a retrospective application for the five-bedroom property – located between Heatherbrae and Brackenbrae Avenue, in Bishopbriggs.

The property is larger than the original plans specified – more than two metres higher, nearly three metres longer and 1.2 metres wider.

The property also has unauthorised additional windows, as well as a 4.5-metre balcony.

Neighbouring residents raised concerns and lodged objections with the planning department.

They claim the house intrudes on their privacy, obstructs light and is out of keeping with the area. They also feared that giving retrospective permission would set a precedent for future decisions.

The council is now kicking off formal enforcement action, which is likely to involve the demolition of the house.

The house owner, Andy Murray, claims that much of the work was carried out by the builder without his knowledge or authorisation.

In a letter to the council, Mr Murray said they had put: “Trust and faith in the professionalism of our friend who we understood to be a reputable builder who would oversee the project on our behalf.

“However, it is now evident that we were too trustworthy and that we did not give the project the attention that we should have.”

Thomas Glen, head of development and enterprise, told the Herald: “Following a site visit and consideration, the planning board refused planning permission for a house built at the site between 1 Heatherbrae and 20 Brackenbrae Avenue, Bishopbriggs.

“The house as constructed differs considerably from a previously-approved scheme, is not in line with Local Plan policy and guidance, and raises considerable amenity and potential precedent issues.”

He added: “Following the decision the council’s planning service will initiate formal enforcement action. The applicants will have a right to appeal to the Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals the decision of the planning authority and any subsequent enforcement action.”

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