Majority of phone lines restored after cable theft

Dominic Notarangelo
Dominic Notarangelo

Almost all 600 homes and businesses who had their phone lines cut off in Bishopbriggs after cables were stolen have been re-connected.

BT said its finished the repairs and restored services to all but around 30 premises where they haven’t been able to gain access to as yet.

A spokeswoman added: “Engineers are still working on site to deal with the remaining faults, each on an individual basis. We hope to reduce this number by later tonight (Wednesday) and will complete the final few over the next couple of days.”

The theft took place in Wester Cleddens, Bishopbriggs, in the early hours of last Thursday morning, around 2am.

The culprit caused damage to several underground cables and telephone company BT said engineers have been working around the clock on repairs.

The firm explained that it is a very time consuming exercise as “due to the damage caused in joints between the various cables, engineers are having to identify each line at the exchange and then each line at individual customer’s homes or business before they can reconnect them.”

Dominic Notarangelo, chairman of Bishopbriggs Community Council, was among those affected by the phones being cut off.

He said: “This is having a big impact on the area. There are a lot of elderly people in Bishopbriggs who could be left in vulnerable situations.

“People have been going to the library to use computers to get online.

“This kind of thing seems to be happening more and more often as there appears to be scrap value in the copper cable.”

BT apologised for the disruption and said is uses many security measures in the fight against cable theft.

A 36-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the incident.