Man up and join the new shed revolution

Willie Whitelaw
Willie Whitelaw

A scheme that encourages men to come together to share skills and interests is being launched in East Dunbartonshire.

Men’s Sheds are community workshops where men can go to work on their own projects, socialise or work together with other men on communal projects.

The concept emerged in Australia 15 years ago and has now spread across the world.

Willie Whitelaw, from Lenzie is now working towards setting up a Shed in East Dunbartonshire - with backing from East Dunbartonshire Voluntary Action and the local council.

He said: “I first read about this idea on the internet and registered my interest just before Christmas on the UK Men’s Shed website. It seems to be an idea that people just immediately get as soon as they hear about it.

“Research shows Men’s Sheds appeal to many older men at a time in their lives when they are experiencing big changes, or when they find themselves with time on their hands once their job comes to an end.

“Women like the idea too. Although focused on men and their needs, women have actively assisted the spread of Men’s Sheds and have played major roles in developing and championing many sheds and the movement.”

Now Willie wants to get in touch with other men in East Dunbartonshire who are interested in getting involved.

Email or call 07784 773 991.