Many Happy Returns to Flo - (108 in total)!

Flo Smith celebrated her 108th birthday - she is here with pupils from her former school.

Hutcheson Grammar School’s oldest former pupil, Flo Smith, had a celebration fit for Royalty when she marked her 108th birthday on Friday, April 21.

Flo, who shares her birthday with Queen Elizabeth, began her Hutchie adventures at Kingarth Street in 1914 - just two years after the school opened its doors.

By secondary school she became a keen hockey player, joining the 1st XI Team, then going on to play in the 1st XI former pupil team.

S6 Prefects, Abigail Harrowell, Chloe Mathers and Sophie Highet joined family and friends at Antonine Care Home in Bearsden to present a bouquet of flowers on behalf of the school.

And depute rector for alumni and development, Jim McDougall presented the birthday girl with a telegram from the Queen.

Everyone enjoyed listening to her memories, including the time she owned up to the headmaster, Mr McVicar, for smashing a window after playing “winkers”, and he admired her bravery for owning up.

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