Megan said yes to marriage proposal - oh yes she did!

Megan and Kerrence with a bottle of fizz and flowers from staff at The King's Theatre.
Megan and Kerrence with a bottle of fizz and flowers from staff at The King's Theatre.

A wedding dress designer had a dream that her boyfriend would propose to her at the panto - and wierdly this came true just one week later.

Megan Cuthberston (27) from Bearsden dismissed the dream because it had seemed so improbable - after all her boyfriend had told her he was away at sea on a military training exercise.

But Kerrence Pankay (25) who works in IT with the US Navy, had been planning all along to ask her to marry him at a performance of Cinderella at The King’s Theatre - with help from one of Megan’s close friends Dee Grewal.

And he proposed in front of an audience of almost 1,800.

Megan met Kerrence over three years ago in San Diego when she was on a road trip across America with her friends.

They have been in a long-distance relationship ever since, only seeing each other about four times a year and using Skype and Facetime to stay in touch.

With Cinderella being Megan’s favourite Disney film, Kerrence and Dee thought there would be no better way to pop the big question than at the panto.

Megan, a former Bearsden Academy pupil, now runs a wedding dress designbusiness called Nutmeg Couture.

She was called on stage by Buttons with the pretence of being able to fulfil a life-long ambition of singing on stage.

So she couldn’t believe it when Kerrence appeared from the wings and got down on one knee to propose.

Megan said: “Kerrence had told me that he was away on a ship for training and that he’d have no phone reception.

“As we are always in touch he knew that I’d wonder why he wasn’t responding to my messages so he needed a good cover story.

“I had a wierd dream earlier that week that he’d propose to me at the panto however it seemed so improbable that I just ignored it.

“I was really shocked to see him on stage, but completely ecstatic that he proposed.

“I’ve always hoped to get married but you can never expect these things.”

Megan’s ring was very special because her mum had arranged for the diamond from her granny’s engagement ring to be re-set.

Kerrence had secretly stayed with Megan’s mum in Bearsden for two days before the proposal and continued to pretend he was on a training exercise.

Megan will design her own dress and already has lots of ideas.

The couple intend to tie the knot in the summer/autumn of 2018 and they will probably do it in Scotland as Kerrence’s family are keen to visit here.

Megan added: “I’m really excited but we’ve not been able to do much planning yet as it’s difficult when you are in different continents!”