Milton of Campsie activist still campaigning at 90.

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A pensioner has joined with fellow anti-nuclear protesters to perform a ‘cabaret’ in a peace camp next to a notorious naval base.

Ron Mackay (90), from Milton of Campsie, was at the event at Faslane Peace Camp, near Helensburgh, to mark the 31st anniversary of protests against Trident nuclear weapons being based on the Clyde.

The camp has been occupied continuously, in several different locations around the base, since June 12, 1982.

A number of attempts to evict the protestors by the local authority since then have all ended in failure.

East Dunbartonshire’s Acting Strange Theatre Group staged a mix of drama, comedy and music in recognition of the anniversary.

They were joined by former socialist MSP Rosie Kane who performed exerts from her one woman show, as well as local writer Maggie Sale, who was celebrating her 70th birthday, and folk singer Pauline Bradley. Campsie Socialists ran a mini-bus to the show from East Dunbartonshire.

Speaking after the show, Ron said: “My father was jailed as a socialist conscientious objector during World War One and I was jailed in 1962 as an objector to the Polaris nuclear weapon system imposed on Scotland by the Americans.

“I thought after seeing action in World War Two that we would end all wars.

“In my 91st year next year, I want to see these dreadful machines of death sailing out of the Gareloch for good.”