Milton of Campsie residents say no to greenbelt development

Milton of Campsie greenbelt
Milton of Campsie greenbelt

Hundreds of residents packed into a public meeting last week to grill councillors and planners over a scheme to build houses on greenbelt.

The meeting was called by Milton of Campsie Community Council to discuss East Dunbartonshire Council’s Main Issues Report, which outlines land for prospective development.

It includes plans to build up to 190 homes on Redmoss Farm on the outskirts of the village, encroaching on greenbelt and increasing the population of the village by around 15 per cent.

Council planning representatives attended the meeting along with three local councillors - David Ritchie, John Dempsey and Gemma Welsh - who heard unanimous opposition to the development.

One local said: “There were over 200 people in the Sterling Hall. I’ve never been to a meeting like it, with people packed to the walls.

“The people who spoke out against the plans were very informed and not one person attending was in favour of building on the greenbelt.

“There is an issue with how the process has been managed so far by East Dunbartonshire Council.

“There has been a lack of transparency, which means there is no accountability and therefore no democracy.”

Syd Sharpe, the community council chairman who led the meeting, said: “We are not against housebuilding, just housebuilding on the greenbelt. We have identified sites in Milton of Campsie where houses could be built instead, including the Broomhill Hospital and the Switchgears site.

“There is also the question of the population increase when there has been no capital investment in the infrastructure of Milton of Campsie since East Dunbartonshire Council came into being.”

The council will decide which parts of the plan to advance in the coming months.