Miracle escape for couple after car ploughs into their home

DRAMA: The car landed on its roof
DRAMA: The car landed on its roof

A couple had a miraculous 
escape when a car 
travelling at high speed crashed into the front of 
their home in Bishopbriggs.

Alison Timoney was 
sitting in her living room when the car, believed to have been stolen, left the road, 
flattened a lamp-post 
and smashed through her 
garden hedge.

It then crashed into 
Alison’s car before somersaulting in the air and flying towards her house, landing on its roof just inches from the window.

The terrifying accident happened around 10.35pm on 
Friday at Menteith Avenue.

Amazingly, the male driver of the car and two male passengers managed to escape from the vehicle and ran off.

Alison, who has been left traumatised by the incident, said on Monday: “I was 
sitting about two feet away from where the car stopped.

“I thought a bomb had gone off. It’s reckoned the car must have been going at about 80mph. It completely demolished my hedge and a garden wall. My car was also smashed.

“My husband Raymond was in another room at the time and we were lucky not to be killed or injured. I am still in shock. The damage will run into thousands of pounds.”

Police, the fire brigade and ambulances services attended Friday night’s incident and Menteith Avenue was closed for four hours.

Alison and Raymond are now calling for East Dunbartonshire Council to install traffic calming measures in their street and the surrounding area.

She told the Herald: “There have been serious road accidents here in the past because of speeding cars. Vehicles have ended up in people’s gardens.

“The car which crashed into my home left the road at a grassy park area where people are usually out and about, particularly kids. I dread to think what might have happened had the crash happened an hour or two earlier in the evening.

“You can’t stop people speeding but you can take measures to stop drivers from having the ability to speed.”

A police spokesman said on Monday the driver of the car was still to be traced.