Missing mail case sent to the procurator fiscal

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A PROBE into missing post in Kirkintilloch, Lenzie and Milton of Campsie has concluded.

Piles of letters and other posted items were discovered in a Kirkintilloch house in September – prompting an inquiry by Royal Mail.

Since then the Herald has been inundated with calls from residents claiming they have had delayed mail delivered with cash and other items missing.

A Royal Mail spokesperson told the Herald that a report had now been submitted to the procurator fiscal.

Meanwhile, council bosses have acted to allay fears that important housing allocation documents could have been included in the missing mail.

In a letter to Councillor Charles Kennedy, the council’s housing manager Grant Mackintosh said: “Our allocations policy requires that two further letters are issued before an application is cancelled.

“It is possible that the odd case may have had one or even two letters not delivered, but it is less likely that all three letters were not delivered.”

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