Missing moggy found after a month in the wild ... thanks to eagle-eyed Herald reader

SAFE AND SOUND: Margaret Petrie and daughter Catriona are pictured with Poppy.
SAFE AND SOUND: Margaret Petrie and daughter Catriona are pictured with Poppy.

AN AWOL pet has been found – more than a month after she vanished while being taken to the vet.

Poppy escaped her carrier in Strathkelvin Retail Park on October 20 and disappeared.

Her distraught family put up posters and rallied support in the area – enlisting the Herald to put out an appeal to readers.

And the good news is that a Herald reader came to the rescue – and Poppy is now back at home with the Petrie family in Robroyston.

Linda Stark from Kirkstall Gardens, Bishopbriggs, called the Herald after she recognised a cat which had been visiting her home as the missing Poppy.

Owner Margaret Petrie went to the house at the time when the cat had been turning up for food.

She said: “There was no sign, so I left and a few minutes later, Poppy appeared. Linda’s husband called me and it was Poppy.

“We were afraid she would run away, so I called to her through a neighbour’s fence. She answered me and came running. Physically, she is in good condition, but is very stressed, nervous and clingy.

“The Herald has brought us together again and I can’t thank Linda, her husband and her son George enough.

“A big thanks to the large number of kind-hearted people in Bishopbriggs who have gone all out to help – and the Herald, of course.

Regular Herald reader Linda said: “I’m just so glad Poppy’s back home safe and sound. It’s marvellous.”

Margaret paid tribute to local residents in businesses, such as the Clydesdale Bank and taxi drivers, who reported seeing Poppy.

She said the two-year-old cat was a family favourite, adding: “Poppy was born as a stray in my friend’s garden. She was so special that her mother fought off a large dog fox to protect her as a kitten, and last year, her twin sister was killed on the road.”

However, while it’s good news for the Petrie family, the search goes on for another missing cat – Lionel.

The Smith family from Bishopbriggs have been looking for the ginger and white cat since he went missing on October 23.

They have been tirelessly handing out leaflets, putting up posters and spreading the word.

They have even set up a website – www.findlionel.com – and Twitter address – @findlionel

Owner Louise and family are hoping that anyone with information will get in touch.

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