Mixed feelings over supermarket

Woodilee Industrial Estate
Woodilee Industrial Estate

Plans to build a new supermarket on the edge of Kirkintilloch has sparked a backlash from residents in the town centre.

Colliers International has submitted a planning application notice with East Dunbartonshire Council to develop a supermarket on the Woodilee Industrial Estate.

They say the project could bring in as many as 300 jobs to the area and provide some competition in the market place.

At a consultation meeting held last month, the firm said that a majority of residents in the area had supported the proposal.

However, some locals have said a large supermarket in the area would bring unwanted road traffic and would adversley effect town centre businesses.

Penny Sinclair (81), from Southbank Court, said that there were different views expressed by residents during the consultation.

She said: “The impression that Colliers gave about the last meeting was that most people wanted another supermarket, but that’s just not true.

“We don’t want one and, certainly, we don’t need one.

“I’ve heard that the new supermarket is to be huge, with something like 600 parking spaces, compared to the 240 Sainsbury’s has at the moment.

“A supermarket that size will generate entirely too much traffic in and around the Woodilee Estate.

“What’s more is that it would completely kill the town centre. All the regeneration work would be totally wasted.

“Everyone I know is against the idea of a new supermarket because there is quite simply no need at all.”

But a spokesperson for Colliers told the Herald that, of 180 people who had attended a two-day consultation at William Patrick Library, 66 per cent said they would like a new supermarket, with 70 per cent believing that the proposed site was “reasonable”.

Only 21 per cent were against the plans.

The spokesperson added: “As you would expect with any sort of development, there is likely to be a range of views.

“We are able to report only on the feedback we received and heard.

“I would like to be very clear that the overwhelming view about the proposed supermarket is positive.”