More than a touch of toilet humour from Kirkintilloch author

A Kirkintilloch author can’t wait for the launch of his new book – based around a fictional portable public loo in his home town.

Raymond Roberts 
humorous new book “The Toilet” is made up of a 
series of comic tales revolving around the lives of the people who use the toilet and those who maintain it.

He said: “In my head, the toilet is situated across the road from the Kirky Puffer.

“There are a lot of local references in the book, 
including St Mary’s Church and fictional characters at Rob Roy Football Club.”

Raymond, who was in the Army for 12 years, got the writing bug in 2000 and has penned a series of crime books.

His debut novel Rocket Man was followed by three more crime books, The Huntress, The Spreader and Home Run, all based in Kirkintilloch and Glasgow.

Raymond said: “They mainly focus on gang warfare and drug running.

“This new book couldn’t be further from this – it’s all about entertainment value and the funny things that happen in people’s everyday lives, though there are some sad bits too.”

Raymond writes under the name of R.L. Graynger, and his book, which is self-published, is available on Kindle Direct, priced £5.