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I WAS delighted to see that Morrisons haven’t given up on Bishopbriggs after the proposal was turned down by councillors last month.

You’re never going to please everyone, even though I support the project I can see certain flaws myself – no-one wants to make the effort to walk an extra few yards or get used to a different look to our town centre, but what is the alternative? As far as I know, we don’t have queues of companies lining up to give super-duper alternatives and even if we did, someone somewhere would find fault enough to complain, and where there’s one complainer, there is always a group.

It is a shame that the moaning minority always seem to have their voices heard the loudest. Maybe councillors should try and get opinion from other constituents – perhaps then they will have a fuller view of public opinion, as I am yet to come across anyone who feels so strongly about the development that they would want to stop it.

The long and the short of it is that I’d like to see this project given the go-ahead. I think it’s a good thing for Bishopbriggs. Remember the library revamp? Remember the retail park enhancements? Both were subject of complaints, but anyone can see that these developments have added to our town.

Matthew King,

(via e-mail).

THE Lenzie Fair Trade Group would like to thank all who helped us achieve Fairtrade Town status for Lenzie in record time. We have been delighted and overwhelmed at the community’s support for this project which is so important for producers in developing countries.

Everyone from churches and community groups to schools and nurseries has come on board with enthusiasm and dedication. Special thanks must go to Mama Da Vinci’s, who have allowed and encouraged us to sell Fairtrade, Created, Traidcraft and Just Trading products on their premises.

In so doing, they have helped increase the number of people who now look to purchase Fairtrade produce in local shops. Many of these shops – Billington’s, Morning Noon & Night, the Co-operative Supermarket, Day to Day Express, Moss Road Newsagents, Shopsmart, Moss General Store, Jet Garage and Gillespie Service Station – now stock Fairtrade products and we hope they will increase their range and that others will follow suit.

Two of our main catering outlets, Da Carlo Fish and Chips and Mama Da Vinci’s, both serve some Fairtrade products as part of their range. In addition, some local businesses use Fairtrade products for their staff and customers, with a special mention for Fleming Builders and Scentsations Beauty Salon.

Thanks to you all (and many others too numerous to mention) Lenzie is the first location in East Dunbartonshire to be granted Fairtrade Town status. This is an outstanding example of achievement on a community-wide scale which will hopefully be emulated in other areas in ED.

Lenzie Fair Trade

Steering Group

HAVING recently moved to Bishopbriggs in the last few months I have felt welcomed to a community which is inclusive and diverse in its demographics from a broad social spectrum.

However, I was somewhat disturbed to see a walk by the Orange Order make its way through the town centre on a quiet Saturday afternoon. A small group made its way up Kirkintilloch Road and brought much disruption to traffic and pedestrians alike.

The fact that a group like the Orange Order were granted permission to cause disruption on this scale at a prime time is one which irks, especially when they have little support from the broad church of residents from Bishopbriggs.

In this day and age is it still relevant that a battle from over 320 years ago is still “celebrated” by a group who use it as an opportunity of one-upmanship on a certain portion of the community? As far as I am aware, Bishopbriggs has no Orange Lodges or flute bands. Why then are we as residents subjected to this spectacle which causes havoc to us as we go about our daily business?

I sincerely hope that East Dunbartonshire Council reconsider any future plans for parades and take into account the sense of feeling within the community.

(Name and address supplied)

THE flooding opposite 102-104 Townhead brings back memories. With my wife and young family we occupied Muirhead House from 1955 to 1991. The side of the road nearest us was apt to get an abundance of water and dirt due to the brae in Lenzie Road beyond Muirhead Street. There was a council worker known as ‘the cludgie man’ who kept an alert look out and cleared the drain as and when necessary, so causing us no trouble.

No doubt East Dunbartonshire Council would not dream of employing anyone so common as ‘a cludgie man’. We had a whole saga of trouble after this man left due to the road being higher than our front wall. I will not weary your readers with this, but must extend my sympathy to our former neighbours at 102-104 Townhead having to cope with such discomfort.

Norman Thorburn,

Laurieknowe Avenue,


I AM writing to thank everyone who attended Lennoxtown Community Spirits Celebration Event at Campsie Memorial Hall on Sunday, May 19.

Special thanks to Lennoxtown School of Music and the Marvels Cheerleaders for their contributions, and to the Parent Teacher Associations from both Lennoxtown Primary School and St Machan’s for providing stalls. The afternoon was a great success and we were truly delighted to see so many from the village turn out to enjoy themselves.

Nick Gall,

Lennoxtown Community Spirit.

SOMEONE wrote in two weeks ago about the oddly-named Initiative Road, highlighting the amount of unsightly litter usually left lying – or blowing – around for weeks on end. It’s ridiculous we all accept this, but please allow me to return to a favourite topic of mine. It’s a lovely run in to the Kirkintilloch area from the congested city centre, but why oh why can’t somebody take the proverbial initiative and plant something more attractive on the two main roundabouts at the Lenzie/Muirhead and the Townhead exits? Are we really going to be spending our summer and autumn admiring the weeds which perenially welcome locals and hoped-for visitors? Surely something can be done.

Whatever happened to the suggestion which proposed a partnership with local firms or , even better, garden centres, to beautify these ghastly circles of stone chippings and weeds?


Muirside Avenue


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