Motorists being driven car-azy at traffic lights

Traffic lights in Milton Road
Traffic lights in Milton Road

Frustrated motorists have hit out after being stuck in queues of traffic at a set of lights on a busy Kirkintilloch road.

The timing of the traffic lights in Milton Road, coming from Birdston Road, was changed when a new Lidl store opened in the area recently.

But drivers coming into the town from Milton of Campsie and Lennoxtown say they have faced lengthy delays.

On the Herald’s Facebook page, Frankie Williamson said: “Something needs to be done with the traffic lights.

“Getting from Milton of Campsie to Kirkintilloch is a joke. There were queues of up to half an hour - moving a few

car lengths at a time.

“I found it bad at peak times, including the school run.”

Meanwhile, Lindsay Quigley said: “I left Lennoxtown at 6.10pm, I joined the queues just on the Kirkintilloch side of Birdston. I reached my destination, Merkland Square, at 6.35pm.”

And Heather Forrest said: “I reckon they might need a wee roundabout exiting the shop and another where the lights are.”

Keith Scrimgeour, East Dunbartonshire Council’s roads and neighbourhood services manager, said: “The timing of these traffic lights was changed when the new Lidl store opened shortly before Christmas.

“They are fitted with SCOOT technology, which means that data is collected over a period of time and any adjustments that are needed to improve traffic flow can be made.

“They’ve been operating with the new timings for a relatively short time, but we will look at the information that is available, make improvements if possible and continue to monitor traffic movement in the area.”