MP calls for action to tackle potholes

MP Jo Swinson has called on new First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to take action to fix East 
Dunbartonshire’s ‘crumbling roads’.

According to the MP, the UK Government committed £24.4million to Scotland in March to repair dangerous potholes.

But Ms Swinson says Nicola Sturgeon’s predecessor, Alex Salmond, ignored calls to explain where and when the money would be spent.

She said: “The state of our roads is a cause of great frustration to many local people. Alex Salmond told me the Scottish Government is prioritising spending on childcare this year.

“But the roads money is totally different and was specifically allocated.

“I have challenged the new First Minister to take immediate action.

“Our council overspent on road repairs by £1million last year and urgently needs help to sort out the problem of potholes with winter around the corner.”