MP gets insight into the world of deafblindness

MP Jo Swinson takes part in the open day.
MP Jo Swinson takes part in the open day.

A leading local charity has thrown its doors open to give people the chance to experience some of the challenges of deafblindness.

Lenzie-based Deafblind Scotland welcomed supporters and curious visitors to its headquarters to mark Deafblind Awareness Week - which aims to improve understanding of the issues that people with a combined sight and hearing loss face.

East Dunbartonshire MP Jo Swinson was one of the invited guests and took the chance to take a walk with volunteers with her vision and hearing impaired.

She said: “I was very grateful for the assistance I was given and appreciate even more how difficult it must be for people in this position, which is why Deafblind Scotland’s work in our community is so valuable. Deafblind Scotland do an amazing job supporting people who suffer from hearing and sight loss.

“By working alongside health and social services they provide vital assistance and comfort to deafblind people.”

Deafblind Scotland chief executive Ruth Dorman hopes the event will raise awareness of the charity, which is planning a new £1.3million ‘Field of Dreams’ development centre in Lenzie.

She explained: “People have heard about the charity but are sometimes not aware of the extent of the work we do.

“Opening our doors today offered the opportunity to welcome those who have supported us from far and wide in celebration of Deafblind Awareness Week.”

Other guests included Communities Inspector John Hunter and Councillor Jim Gibbons.