MP Jo’s tweet sparks a furious reaction online

Jo Swinson
Jo Swinson

MP Jo Swinson has come under fire for a comment she made on Twitter about the closure of St Joseph’s Primary School, in Milngavie.

On December 12, the East Dunbartonshire Lib Dem MP tweeted: “Just heard the SNP govt have decided closure of St Joseph’s Primary in Milngavie can go ahead - I know many local families will be devastated.”

However, she has been accused of hypocrisy as the proposal was voted through by East Dunbartonshire Council’s ruling administration of LibDem, Labour and Conservative councillors. One Twitter follower tweeted: “You have no conscience Jo Swinson. In no way did you proactively support our campaign in the same way you supported Bearsden Primary School.”

Another commented: “You never arranged meetings with parents Jo. Parents approached you for support and you refused.”

However, in a follow -up tweet Ms Swinson defended her comment.

She said: “My tweet has clearly provoked much debate by SNP supporters across the country - what I said remains true”.

But this provoked more anger.

One woman tweeted: “As a parent at St Joseph’s and someone who’s previously voted for you, I’m disappointed by the tone of your comments. Quite disrespectful.”

Ms Swinson has insisted that she met parents on countless occasions to discuss St Joseph’s and convened a meeting between parent representatives and East Dunbartonshire Council officers.

But one parent asked: “Why did LibDems protect Bearsden Primary School and not us?”

Milngavie MSP Gil Paterson has also hit out over the MP’s comments.

He said: “Her comment was breathtaking when her LibDem councillors Ashay Ghai and Eric Gotts are bulldozing the closure through with Labour and the Tories.

“She has done nothing to persuade her councillors to vote otherwise. If she had persuaded them to vote against the closure, and not to follow their colleagues like sheep, St Joseph’s would not be closing.”

But Ms Swinson hit back, saying: “My tweet was straightforward and factual. The SNP Government finalised the decision to close St Joseph’s and many local parents are devastated.

“Comments that I never met with parents or campaigners were complete and utter nonsense. On numerous occasions I met with concerned parents, and convened a meeting with council officials and parent representatives to discuss alternative solutions and to raise the many objections that I had received from parents.”