MP Jo says ‘No’ vote did not surprise her

MP Jo Swinson, left, at the referendum count in the Leisuredrome
MP Jo Swinson, left, at the referendum count in the Leisuredrome
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MP Jo Swinson said the ‘No’ vote in East Dunbartonshire did not surprise her as many of her constituents had told her they were voting that way.

In the run up to the Scottish Independence Referendum Ms Swinson said she’d spoken to thousands of people on their doorsteps and on the phone and it was very clear to her that they recognised the benefits and advantages of staying in the United Kingdom.

Speaking at the count at the Leisuredrome in Bishopbriggs, Ms Swinson said: “I visited 17 polling stations and I feel it is a privilege to have had upwards of 90 per cent turnout in the area.

“Staff at polling stations had never experienced anything like this before.

“In other countries around the world there’s fighting and we have this wonderful democratic alternative.

“We are really privileged to be able to cast our vote using a pencil on a ballot paper without any conflict.

“It’s been a very exciting night and I feel quite inspired about the future of politics and hopeful that more people will be involved in future votes as well.

“It’s great that so many people chose to exercise their political right to vote.

“I’m thrilled that we got the ‘No’ result that we wanted.

“I strongly believe it’s the best way to protect Scotland’s stability, security, to protect jobs and the country’s future prosperity.

“My family is split across the country - my husband and my in-laws are English - so I would have hated for us to have been living in foreign countries from each other.

“Now that we have the result we need to go on to the next stage of the constitutional journey and I am very confident the extra powers will come in an agreement across all three main parties.”