MP steps in to resolve constituent’s passport issue

An MP says he has been deluged with panic stricken constituents dreading the fact that their passports would not be received in time for their holiday.

MP Tom Clarke said: “During the last few weeks I have never known so many desperate passport enquires through my office.

“Constituents have quite literally been in tears and totally exasperated about the prospect of their holiday being cancelled because their passport has not been issued.

“I am very concerned that there appears to be a backlog developing, and I am not at all sure that the Passport Offices are adequately staffed and able to cope with the demands of the service.”

The MP suggested the one sure way to avoid a disappointment was for constituents not to book their holiday before they are in possession of their passport.

The MP for Chryston continued: “I have nothing but praise for the passport office staff who have responded positively to every single request that has come via my office.

“However, we have had a few scares when it looked as though the passport wouldn’t be issued on time.

“Indeed on one occasion we were actually advised by the passport office that it was unlikely the passport would be issued and we in turn imparted this information to the constituent who was inconsolable and distraught.

“Within an hour we received more positive news on the passport and the constituent was absolutely thrilled.”

Mr Clarke added: ‘In view of all the drama associated with recent passport applications there is clearly a need to review all of the passport information procedures and guidelines.

“In fact the entire passport application process needs to be far more robust with clear and unambiguous timescales. I intend to raise this matter at Business Questions on Thursday 5th June’.