MSP condemns “abhorrent” Conservative rape clause

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The Tory rape clause is one of the most “abhorrent” policies to come out of Westminster, Strathkelvin MSP Rona Mackay has said.

She is challenging Conservative politicians in East Dunbartonshire to justify the policy.

Under the new clause, if a woman wishes to claim tax credits for a third child, she must prove the infant was conceived as a result of rape.

The rape clause and two child policy has sparked outrage from the public, faith leaders, trade unions, women’s rights campaigners and politicians from all parties.

Critics say the two-child policy will only worsen child poverty that scars many communities in Scotland, and Ms Mackay said the SNP is taking radical action to tackle with the upcoming Child Poverty Bill and more.

Ms Mackay said: “Asking a woman to prove that her child was conceived as a result of rape is utterly appalling and must be one of the most abhorrent policies ever to emanate from Westminster.

“Ministers even conceded in the consultation response document that ‘most respondents felt it was unacceptable for the UK Government to ask women to re-live the ordeal of a rape just in order to make a claim for benefit’.

“Despite receiving that loud and overwhelming message, this appalling and crass Tory Government refused to listen to some of the most vulnerable women in society.

“I challenge Tory politicians in East Dunbartonshire to justify this disgusting policy – their leader is too cowardly to make a statement herself.”