MSP Fiona ‘excited’ about the Independence Referendum

MSP Fiona McLeod
MSP Fiona McLeod

With just three months to go until the people of Scotland cast their votes in one of the biggest and most important ballots ever held in the UK, Fiona McLeod MSP says she is looking forward to the Independence Referendum in September.

As she is asked to speak at an increasing number of debates and to groups around the constituency, the MSP says the referendum is on everyone’s lips.

The Strathkelvin and Bearsden MSP said: “At a hugely successful Kirkintilloch gala on Saturday, 200 people signed the Declaration of Independence. There is a real excitement as we get closer to the big day in September.

“I have been talking to a lot of people in East Dunbartonshire, at public meetings, in smaller groups and on the doorsteps of all our communities and the vote is on everyone’s lips.

“It is exciting, and has engaged more people than ever before in the political process.

“People are no longer questioning whether we can be independent – they accept that Scotland would be a wealthy and capable country.

“What they are realising is that given this opportunity to vote to become a country that can reject the bedroom tax, reject the race to the bottom that the Westminster parties are competing in at the moment in so far as they are penalising the young, the disabled, the elderly and immigrants, reject the need for foodbanks that the Lib/Cons policies have exacerbated, that they really must vote Yes in September.

To extend child care to over 1,140 hours per week, to get rid of Trident from the Clyde, to streamline the tax system so that tax avoidance can be stamped out and tax thresholds increased, to ensure free university fees, to protect free personal care and provide carers with a better allowance, to guarantee any extra powers for the Scottish Parliament – we must vote Yes in September. What could be more exciting than that?”