Mugdock Care Home chef has produced her own recipe book

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A care home chef has decided to create her own recipe book after word spread across Scotland about her impressive baking skills.

Margaret McFlynn, chef manager at Bupa’s Mugdock House Care Home in Bearsden, has spent the last 15 years perfecting her love for baking sweet treats for residents and staff.

But after being inundated with requests from 13 other Bupa Scottish homes for the tips and tricks behind her popular bakery goods, Margaret has decided to share her top recipes with them.

An electronic cook book has now been created and circulated to the 13 homes, which includes recipes for tempting desserts, tray bakes and cakes such as cream scones, ginger biscuits, brandy baskets, lemon meringue and vanilla cheesecake.

Every morning Margaret bakes different treats from scratch for the residents and their families to enjoy throughout the home.

The big favourite is her shortbread. Residents can also try their hand at re-creating Margaret’s recipes at regular cookery sessions organised by the event co-ordinators at Mugdock House Care Home.

Margaret said: “When I started getting calls from other Bupa care homes that heard about my baking, I knew I had to get my recipes out of my head and down on paper.

“I’ve always had a love of baking and seeing the smile on our residents’ faces when the treats are served up is just fantastic.

“The residents at Mugdock House Care Home love my baking but if anyone has a particular favourite, I’ll teach myself how to make it. I also love the fact that residents interested in baking can continue to get pleasure from making delicious treats themselves.

“It’s very flattering to have other Bupa chefs asking for my recipes. I guess word spread about how much I love to bake and how the residents were enjoying eating them so much.

“This book is also a great way to train up new staff who will be able to continue to provide these little treats to brighten up the residents’ days.”

Resident Isabella Lewis said: “Margaret made my birthday extra special by making a range of delicious cakes. My favourites are the shortbread and strawberry tarts.”