Mugdock set to be location for Robert the Bruce film

Photo Emma Mitchell 26.09.17'Film set at Mugdock
Photo Emma Mitchell 26.09.17'Film set at Mugdock

Mugdock Country Park is

going to be used as a location for an exciting new Netflix film about Robert the Bruce.

The company making the film, Loudoun Productions Ltd, applied for permission to set up at Mugdock Country Park for ten weeks.

Proposals included the creation of a film set at two locations within the park.Temporary stables to shelter 50 horses during ‘battlefield’ film sequences were planned as well as timber huts, ditches and earth mounds.

The feature film called ‘Outlaw King’ is being produced by long-time film-making partners David Mackenzie and Gillian Berrie via their Glasgow based production company Sigma Films.

Chris Pine (37), of Star Trek fame, stars as 14th century Robert the Bruce in the original Netflix movie which is due for release next year.

Some filming has already taken place at Linlithgow Palace and Dunfermline, where Robert the Bruce is buried in the Abbey.

Oscar nominated director, David Mackenzie, said: “I am so happy to have the opportunity to dig deep into the story of Robert the Bruce and to discover some of the truths that often get obscured by legend.

“This is my sixth feature film shot in Scotland and autumn is my favourite time of year to shoot so I am excited to bring this film to light in the beautiful Scottish elements – come rain, shine, storm or snow.

“I am proud that our little Glasgow-based production company, Sigma films, has been able to make this film and thank Netflix for letting us do it.”

He continued: “I am also delighted that Chris Pine, with whom I had a great time on our last film, has joined our Scottish and international cast and crew including the excellent Aaron Taylor-Johnson and the exciting emerging talent of Florence Pugh and Billy Howle.

“I know Chris will bring intensity and flair to Robert the Bruce and his struggle to take back his country, being crowned King of Scots, then suffering a disastrous defeat and left on the run with just a handful of supporters only to claw his way, with bravery and cunning, back to victory.

“This was an early form of guerilla warfare against the might of a vastly bigger better resourced enemy and is one of the great comeback stories of history.”