Mum facing £1,000 bill due to mystery nursery ‘deadline’

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A CONCERNED mum says she could face shelling out up to £1,000 on nursery care - after missing a council deadline she wasn’t even aware of.

Emma-jo Irvine, from Kirkintilloch, applied to East Dunbartonshire Council for a funded place for her son, Kieran, to attend Riverside Nursery.

Kieran turns three in December, so Emma-jo was hoping he could start at Riverside at the beginning of 2013.

She sent her application in at the end of July, but was horrified to hear that she’d missed the deadline for funding by a matter of days.

She told the Herald: “They said the application had to be in by July 27, but that was the first I’d heard of it.

“They said they’d tweeted about it and advertised the deadline.

“What I don’t understand is why they couldn’t have spent that advertising money on sending a letter to parents instead.

“They offered a place in a council nursery, but they only open at 8.30am. That is useless to me as I need to be in the West End of Glasgow to be in university for 9am and my husband works full-time.”

Gordon Currie, the council’s head of education, said: “Ms Irvine was contacted by an East Dunbartonshire Council officer who explained that all applications for partnership centres had to be received by 27 July, 2012.

“The agreed funding for partnership centres is at present committed. The officer offered a place in a local authority nursery which was declined.

“Ms Irvine was informed that her child’s situation would be reviewed nearer January 2013 when her child’s funding should begin.”

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