Mum in plea for daughter’s missing teddy

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Kirkintilloch mum Rowena Price is appealing for help after her daughter, who has special needs, lost her teddy in the town centre area earlier today.

The teddy is beige with a red nose and three heart prints on one paw.

Rowena said: “Please can you help or share this on Facebook - my daughter is being assessed for autism, so something like this is really hard for her to accept.

“This is really important. She most likely lost her teddy in Kirkintilloch town centre.

“We tried retracing our steps to no avail.

“It’s a really special teddy and it goes everywhere with her. It’s her comfort blanket.

“Having special needs means she finds it difficult to adjust to change and understand what’s happened, causing a great amount of anxiety.

“It’s not an expensive teddy. I think it came from a card shop one Valentine’s Day and she took an instant liking to it.

“The teddy also used to have three hearts hanging around its neck. If anyone has picked this up or knows where we could get one like it, please, please let me know and please share this.”

If anyone finds the teddy, please hand it in to Kirkintilloch police office.