Mum left down in the damps

Damp house problems.
Damp house problems.

A fed-up council tenant has demanded to be moved after saying that her family’s lives are being ruined by chronic dampness in their home.

Mum-of-four Darlene McAusland moved into her house in Twechar’s MacDonald Crescent around 18 months ago and has been plagued by problems ever since.

Black mould has crept up walls in several parts of the property, including in her 8-year-old son Damien’s room.

He has additional needs and Darlene is concerned about the effect the dampness is havig on his health, as well as that of his siblings aged 11, seven and four.

Meanwhile, she claims that numerous items of furniture have been ruined by excess moisture and mould.

Darlene has accused East Dunbartonshire Council of failing to tell her of the issues when she moved in.

She said: “When I looked at the house I saw a little bit of mould and asked whether the house had problems with damp.

“I was told that it didn’t and it would all dry out when the central heating was turned on.

“Now I’ve found out that previous tenants have had the same problem, have been decanted and refused to return.

“I want to be moved to a new property. They say that new windows are going to be put in, but I don’t think that will sort out the problem.”

Local councillor John Jamieson said that it was also his understanding that the house and neighbouring properties had a history of dampness problems and he urged council officers to step in sooner rather than later.

He said: “I’ve seen three or four of these houses with the same problems.

“The house is due to have windows replaced in the next finanacial year and I’ll be pushing for this to be one of the first to get the work done.”

MP Gregg McClymont has also visited the house and said he hoped “a speedy resolution would be found”.

Grant Mackintosh, housing manager with East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “We commissioned a dampness survey at this property, which has come back indicating no dampness being present.

“As a result of the concerns raised, a further survey will be carried out next week to be sure of the position regarding dampness.”