Music man Murdo set to hit the right notes for campaign

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Murdo Campbell has plenty to blow his own euphonium about, after he was specially chosen to star in a new TV advert.

In the ad he joins comedian Fred MacAulay and Clare Grogan in a bid to help get over to countless thousands of viewers a deadly serious health message – even if it’s all done in a humorous way.

Murdo, a euphonium player with the Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass band, plays one of an ever-increasing crowd of people determined to persuade a reluctant woman to take the bowel screening test in the privacy of her own bathroom.

It’s a message Murdo, from Milton of Campsie, is particularly keen to pass on, because he was diagnosed with bowel cancer in his early 40s.

He said: “The consequences of discovering bowel cancer late can be very significant which is why I would encourage everyone to take the test. I’m very aware of how fortunate I was.

Because of what happened to me, I always respond when the test arrives.”

Statistics indicate that the likelihood of surviving bowel cancer is 14 times higher if detected at an early stage, and the home bowel screening test - offered to people aged 50 to 74 - is said to be the most effective way of finding the disease early.

The take-up figure for bowel screening in Scotland is higher than ever before, but the new campaign is targeting those who put off taking the test.