Mysterious white circles spotted in Kirkintilloch and Bishopbriggs, bus is it just vandalism?

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UNUSUAL painted circles have left shoppers puzzled in town centre across East Dunbartonshire – but the Herald has solved the mystery.

It’s part of a CSI-style ‘crime scene’ campaign to highlight litter on pavements.

Council staff circled cigarette butts to publicise a crackdown on anti-social smokers.

However, one resident claimed the painted circles were “vandalism” and hit out at the council.

From Monday, puffers who throw away their cigarette ends will be hit with a £50 fine.

David Devine, head of roads and neighbourhood services, said: “A major part of the council’s ‘No Butts’ campaign is to get the public talking and make them aware of the blight of cigarette ends on our streets.

“Across Scotland and England local authorities have come up with the idea of applying a non-permanent marking on pavements to highlight trouble spots.

“This is known as the ‘crime scene’ approach and has been extremely successful in promoting anti-litter campaigns.

“The public’s response has been tremendous and the council has received phone calls of support by the public. The non-permanent marking is soluble and quickly washes away.”

However, Kirkintilloch resident Scott Lee said: “I understand they want to stop people dropping cigarette butts and fining people who do, but this is just a waste of money.

“They’re just adding to the problem – what would somebody think if they were in Kirkintilloch for the first time and saw all this paint on the pavement? It’s just vandalism.”

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