Mystery man rescues beloved pet from the jaws of death

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A PET owner is hoping to get in touch with the hero who came to her beloved dog’s rescue after a horror attack.

Maureen Watson was on holiday with her family in Italy when another dog attacked Clyde, a 10-year-old hovawart, on the railway footpath between Kirkintilloch and Milton of Campsie.

Her mum, who was looking after Clyde for two weeks, was walking him on the path near Birdston at around 11.30am on Tuesday, July 17, when the drama unfolded.

She said: “The dog came flying out from behind a pillar of the bridge there.

“I don’t know exactly what type it was but it was tan with a white breast and looked like some kind of bull terrier.

“It jumped on Clyde’s back and latched onto his ear.

“I was hitting him with my umbrella but it wouldn’t let go.”

A man, perhaps the dog’s owner, tried to get some rope around the attacker’s neck but ended up looking on helplessly as the dog tried to wrestle Clyde to the ground.

It was then that a man on a bicycle arrived to save the day.

Maureen’s mum said: “He jumped off his bike and gave the owner a real rollicking before kicking the dog really hard.

“He still wouldn’t let go so he grabbed his back legs and pulled them apart which worked - he clearly knew what he was doing.

“I felt so sorry for Clyde I could have cried.

“He was howling in agony and his ear was almost completely ripped off.”

Maureen only found out about the attack when she returned from holiday to discover that Clyde had suffered a badly torn ear - resulting in a vet bill totalling hundreds of pounds and upset for her children Emily (6) and Christopher (9).

Now she would like to meet the rescuer, who headed off in the direction of Milton of Campsie, to pass on her gratitude.

She said: “If this man could get in touch I would really like to thank him personally. If not for him I dread to think what might have happened.”

She also urged anybody who had suffered a similar attack to immediately contact the police.

She said: “If this isn’t just a one-off then the police need to know because next time it could be a child who is attacked.”

If you are the man who came to Clyde’s aid call Herald reporter David Hepburn on 0141 775 0040.

Clyde is pictured with Emily and Christopher.

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