Mystery over who is responsible for the link road solved...

Kirkintilloch Link Road'14/9/12'Photo Emma Mitchell
Kirkintilloch Link Road'14/9/12'Photo Emma Mitchell

A £30MILLION road in Kirkintilloch has finally been ‘claimed’...

Two weeks ago the Herald reported that there was confusion surrounding the upkeep of the Kirkintilloch Link Road, now known as Initiative Road, following a complaint from a reader about the poor state of the carriageway’s verges.

Council chiefs told the Herald that they had no responsibility for the 4km road, insisting that the consortium of companies who built the nearby Woodilee Housing Development had to shell out for all maintenance until the road was officially adopted.

Derek Cunningham, the council’s director of development and infrastructure, said: “We are fully aware of these matters on Initiative Road and have already raised our own concerns with the consortium of house builders.”

But Doug Riddell, Woodilee Consortium’s project director, scotched the claims saying: “The responsibility for the maintenance of Initiative Road until adoption rests with the Kirkintilloch Link Road Management Board (KLRMB) not with the Woodilee Housing Consortium.”

The KLRMB is made up of representatives from a number of organisations including the council, the NHS (who owned part of the land the road was built on), the consortium and, before it became absorbed by the council, project leaders Kirkintilloch’s Initiative (KI).

Mr Cunningham has now confirmed that the KLRMB, including council representatives, IS responsible for ensuring the road is maintained.

He said: “The KLRMB is the mechanism for the consortium of housebuilders, the NHS and the council to jointly manage the delivery of the programme of works associated with the road.

“The management board is chaired by a representative of the consortium of housebuilders.

“Council officers have written formally to the consortium with regard to the obligations for the road, roundabout and verges to be maintained to an appropriate standard and for the matter to be placed on the next meeting of the KLRMB.

“Until the road is formally adopted by the council, responsibility for maintenance will remain with KLRMB.”

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