Neigh more mess – plea for horse and pony riders to clean up in Kirkintilloch

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FED-up residents are trying to rein in horse and pony riders who are refusing to clean up after their animals.

In recent weeks several piles of unsightly manure have been left in Woodhead Park – on the path running between Kirkintilloch Health and Care Centre and Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre.

One resident, who regularly walks through the park, said: “It’s disgusting. I called up the council, but they said it didn’t pose a health risk so they wouldn’t be taking any action.

“What I don’t understand is why they didn’t even bother getting off their horse to kick the manure off the path. It was just left there.

“Horse riders have plenty of wonderful countryside to enjoy so why are they using a path in the middle of Kirkintilloch?”

Kenny Simpson, the council’s head of housing and community services, said: “Whilst there is no legislation requiring riders to remove their horse’s manure, the British Horse Society Scotland has produced a leaflet offering advice on responsible riding in public roads and pathways.

“Unlike dog fouling, the council does not have enforcement powers to deal with horse manure deposited in public roads and pathways.

“However, we would expect riders to behave as responsible citizens and clear up mess from public places.

“If we were aware of a licensed riding establishment which repeatedly allowed horses to leave manure on roads and footpaths then we would take action.”

He added: “All members of the society have been issued with the guidance leaflet and it is distributed at agricultural shows and to riding schools.”

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