New alert following break-ins

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Police are introducing a new community alert scheme 
after a recent spate of 
burglaries in Milngavie 
and Bearsden.

Officers will circulate key information about crime trends to ensure people are aware and can be extra vigilant to avoid their property being targeted.

Police say the scheme will also allow officers to work with the local community to gather information to identify and arrest those responsible.

The move comes after a number of break-ins over the past few months, including an attempted robbery in the 
Baljaffray area in January, when an elderly couple were threatened in their home.

Officers will also be carrying out crime prevention visits across East Dunbartonshire to ensure people are keeping their homes as secure as 

Householders will also be encouraged to use a unique 
forensic solution to mark their property to protect their belongings and identify criminals if they fall victim.

Forensic DNA products have become one of the most effective ways to deter commercial burglaries and have been deployed successfully in domestic properties.

PC Mark Jackson at Milngavie, said: “I can’t stress enough how important it is to consider your own home security, particularly when there have been a spate of burglaries in the area. Whilst the number of housebreakings has fallen dramatically since last year, large sums of cash should be deposited in a bank and people should consider securing high value jewellery in an appropriate safe or off site secure storage.

“It can be absolutely devastating when criminals break into a home and steal money and sentimental possessions, so please be aware and take the necessary steps to prevent that from happening.

“Further information on how to sign up to the scheme can be found on the Neighbourhood Watch Scotland website or by contacting your local problem solving team.

“Crime prevention advice can also be accessed on the Police Scotland website.”

Anyone with info regarding break-ins should contact their local police station on 101.