New children’s book about a loveable little mouse

Katie reading her book about Haggis MacDougall the mouse to her children.
Katie reading her book about Haggis MacDougall the mouse to her children.

A book about an adorable and loveable little mouse with a very long tale, written by a Bearsden mum, has been released this month.

Katie Lorna McMillan (37) came up with idea of setting up her own publishing company in 2013 when she was reading stories to her own children.

She has three boys Hugo (8), Jonas (5) and one-year-old Ralph.

Having spent hours every day making up stories and telling them to her boys, she decided to write them all down.

So she established Laughing Monkey Publishing, which also offers advice and help to other authors to help them bring their books to life.

Her book ‘Haggis MacDougall and his Very Long Tail’ is now available to buy on and over 70 online retailers including Waterstones and Barnes & Noble in America.

Katie said: “His adventures all begin when he decides he is unhappy being different from the other mice.

“Each story has a beautiful moral at the end and hopes to give children something more than just a story.”

The next books in the series - ‘Haggis MacDougall Saves the Day’ and ‘Haggis MacDougall and the Pirate King’ will be released in August.

Katie graduated from Strathclyde Univerity with a BA in sociology and then she moved to Spain to teach English as a foreign language to children from an international school.

It was there she specialised in teaching children age 5-9years old. On returning to Scotland, she married and started her family and wrote her first book in 2013.

Katie is available for storytelling sessions and book signings.

If you have a school, nursery or charity that would enjoy a visit, please contact her by email: