New collection point set up for credit union customers

Members of St Barbara’s Muirhead Justice and Peace Group have opened a new credit union collection point in Chryston Cultural Centre.

The group recently got together to look at ways of making both savings and loans more accessible to people living in the Chryston and Muirhead area.

The initiative became all the more important with the recent closure of the local branch of the Airdrie Savings Bank.

The group will run a collection point for the Chryston and District Credit Union. At the moment people have to go to the main branch in Moodiesburn.

Group member Barbara Diamond said: “We felt that getting involved with the credit union would ease the burden on locals and ensure inexpensive loans were available without people turning to the high interest pay-day loan companies you hear about. It seemed important that we did something.”

It is open on Tuesdays 11am-noon. Contact Brendan Murphy on 07790 790470.