New device is cracking way to save on fuel bills

Energy-saving device
Energy-saving device

Springburn tenants are 
benefitting from an innovative energy-saving device pitched on the BBC’s Dragons Den by a Glasgow entrepreneur.

Brian O’Reilly’s energyEGG automaticallly switches off 
appliances and lights that have been accidentally left on.

The device has been helping tenants of housing association ng homes save on their electricity bills.

Dragon Piers Linney invested £50,000 in the device for a 30 per cent stake in the 38-year-old’s Teagreen firm when he appeared on the show last week.

Father-of-four Brian invented the energyEGG after nagging his family for leaving appliances on when no one was using them.

The energyEGG acts like a remote control, switching off connected appliances at the mains when the room has been empty for a while.

A spokesman for ng homes said: “It has been tested by a range of customers including families, retired households and tenants with disabilities.

“With its remote control function the energyEGG makes it easier to switch off difficult to reach sockets. “

Pat Scott from Springburn who suffers from arthritis said: “I love the energyEGG. It has been a life saver since my operation and back problems.

“I have difficulty switching off the TV from the socket and at night, I often forget to turn it off.”

The ng Homes spokesman said: “It’s estimated the energyEGG will save Pat around £50 per year.

Maggie McCart, from 
Balgrayhill is also a fan of the energyEGG,

She said: “I think it’s great. My daughter Megan often falls asleep and leaves on her Xbox.

“The energyEGG switches it offso it will be saving me money on my electricity bills.”

According to ng homes chairperson John Fury, the housing association is the only one in the UK at the moment to trial the 
energyEGG with its tenants.

He added: “With fuel bills rising all the time we are always looking at ways to help our customers.

The energyEGG seems to be doing just that.

We are delighted to be working with TreeGreen to provide our customers with this innovative product to save on their electricity bills.”