New garage fuels safety fears

This petrol station in Kirkintilloch hopes to extend to 24-hour opening
This petrol station in Kirkintilloch hopes to extend to 24-hour opening

Plans for a new petrol station in the car park at Sainsbury’s, Kirkintilloch, are causing safety fears among some local residents.

The firm has applied to East Dunbartonshire Council for permission to build the new facility.

Meanwhile the Gulf petrol station on Waterside Road in the town has also submitted a planning application, this time to increase its opening hours to 24/7.

Local resident Penny Sinclair said: “We’re all very worried about the impact this will have if it goes ahead at Sainsbury’s. The place they want to put it is right next to houses so there’s the safety and pollution issues. What would happen if there was a fire?

“They’re saying that no homes overlook the site but that’s nonsense.”

Pam Lucas said: “I’d rather Sainsbury’s opened one than the other was made 24 hour. It’s so expensive and there’s no competition.”

A spokesman said: “Sainsbury’s is always seeking to improve our stores to meet the needs of our customers. We know that people often like to buy their shopping and get fuel on the same trip, and these improvements will deliver that for Kirkintilloch.

“Fuel facilities operate safely in neighbourhoods and communities through the whole country, and we always operate our facilities to the very highest standards to respect our neighbours and minimise their impact.

“We are confident that this improvement will be well used if it goes ahead.’

The Gulf station currently opens from early morning till late at night, but needs the conditions of its planning permission waived if it was to open round the clock.

A spokesman said: “Certas Energy can confirm that its Gulf-branded Kirkie Filling Station on Waterside Road, Kirkintilloch, has applied for planning permission to open 24 hours a day.

“The application was submitted in response to demand from customers to sell fuel and products from the convenience store outside of the current opening hours. The council will now assess the application and make the necessary enquiries and consultations. We welcome all comments from the community and expect a response from the council in the next couple of months.”