New job for MSP Fiona at Holyrood

Fiona McLeod MSP
Fiona McLeod MSP

Strathkelvin and Bearsden MSP Fiona McLeod has been appointed as Acting Children and Young People Minister.

In a first for the Scottish Parliament, she will be covering Aileen Campbell MSP’s maternity leave and is due to take up her new post from December 19.

Fiona said: “It is truly an honour to have been appointed to the Scottish Government and I am especially pleased it is to cover the Children and Young People brief while Aileen is on maternity leave.

“This is the first time this will have been done in the Scottish Parliament which is very exciting.

“I am looking forward to meeting a lot of new people from all across Scotland, but the thought of Question Time on a Thursday is a little daunting, but I know Nicola has faith in me, so I will rise to the challenge!”