New online application service for building warrants

A new online service is available for people who want to do alterations to their homes.

All building standards applications can be made online from next month, with the launch of Scotland’s applications service.

Managed by the Scottish Government, in partnership with local authorities, the web service will allow applications for building warrants and other related forms, such as completion certificates, to be submitted electronically. will be live from Wednesday 24 August, and will be accessed through the home page, a new single landing page which also links to the ePlanning service. This will launch on 3 August.

These online services have a single login process so applicants only need to register once.

“This new online service makes it easier for individuals and businesses to submit and monitor applications for all aspects of building standards work,” said Councillor Bill Shields, Vice-Convener of the Planning and Transportation Committee.

“It is simple to use and will save applicants both time and money. With a direct link to the ePlanning site, applicants can access all aspects of building project in one location.”

ePlanning allows individuals and businesses to complete and send planning applications, notices of review, appeals and other permissions to any Scottish council.

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