New parking regime gets off to a rocky start in Kirkintilloch

Police correctly ticket a driver parked on a single yellow line.
Police correctly ticket a driver parked on a single yellow line.

Red-faced wardens have been slammed for issuing tickets to cars which were LEGALLY parked - just hours after a new parking regime was launched.

East Dunbartonshire Council’s new community wardens took to the streets for the first time on Wednesday to fine those parked illegally.

But motorists parked outside the Antonine pub, on Kirkintilloch’s Townhead, were incorrectly issued with £30 fines - despite there being NO single yellow line.

The Herald understands that wardens had been told to ticket the cars because yellow lines have been PLANNED for the bay - recently created from a former bus stop.

A council officer assisting a community warden told the Herald: “Technically the line is still in force, it’s just that it has not been repainted on yet.”

Restricted parking must be clearly indicated by a single yellow line AND a notice advising of the applicable hours.

Resident Brian Anderson said he challenged one of the community wardens over the ticket, but was told that the cars were parked illegally.

He said: “By the time the council person had got to the end of her explanation about why the ticket had been issued I was more confused than I was at the start. It doesn’t seem right that people could be out of pocket for no good reason.”

Diane Campbell, the council’s director of governance and regulation, admitted there had been some “initial issues” with the introduction of the wardens but REFUSED to comment on whether the particular issue would be addressed, offer ANY explanation, or say if the incorrectly issued tickets would be rescinded.