New report reveals people in East Dunbartonshire live longest in Scotland

People born in East Dunbartonshire have the highest life expectancy in Scotland, a new report has revealed.

Men in East Dunbartonshire can expect to live to 80.5 years, while women have a life expectancy of 83.9, according to the data released today by the National Records of Scotland,

That’s 10 per cent and seven per cent longer respectively than our neighbours in the city of Glasgow.

Glasgow has the lowest life expectancy in Scotland at 73 years for men and 78.5 for women and the report showed people in the most deprived areas, which includes Springburn, died sooner.

Women born in areas of poverty in Scotland can expect to live to an average of 76 years while the most affluent 10 per cent can expect to reach the age of 84 years.

Overall, life expectancy for males in Scotland has risen 3.4 years over the last decade, with boys born between 2011 and 2013 expected to reach 76.9 years of age.

The increase in life expectancy for females over this period has been smaller, up 2.1 years to stand at 80.9 years.

Tim Ellis, chief executive of National Records of Scotland, said: “This report shows life expectancy continues to vary widely across Scotland. Life expectancy is highest in East Dunbartonshire and lowest in Glasgow City Council for both men and women. People living in rural areas, in general, live longer than those in more urban areas.

“Men in the most affluent areas of Scotland may live 12.5 years longer than those in the most deprived areas, while women in the least deprived areas could expect to live 8.5 years longer than those in the most deprived.”