Nicola Sturgeon joins John Nicolson on the campaign trail

John Nicolson and Nicola Sturgeon in Kirkintilloch.
John Nicolson and Nicola Sturgeon in Kirkintilloch.

The SNP candidate for East Dunbartonshire John Nicolson says only the SNP can provide a strong opposition at Westminster.

He was in Kirkintilloch yesterday (Wednesday, May 10) with the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to kick start their election campaign.

They met local caterers at Table 13 and discussed some of the issues facing small businesses, before trying their hands in the kitchen.

After lunch they headed to the regent centre, where a large crowd had gathered to meet the First Minister and hear John’s message.

Nicola was happy to take lots of selfies with members of the public and people were queueing up to speak to her.

John Nicolson said the country needs strong opposition, and only the SNP could provide this at Westminster.

He said: “Our MPs at Westminster have been a strong voice for Scotland, singled out by the Speaker for their hard work and commitment.

“We all know that at this election Theresa May is heading for a huge majority. She doesn’t like to debate or to be challenged.

“We need to have the strongest possible opposition at Westminster to keep her in check.

“We must resist a hard Brexit, and fight for the most vulnerable, including pensioners whose inflation linked pensions Mrs May looks ready to cut.”

Nicolson also highlighted the SNP’s record as Scottish Government, he said; “The SNP Government at Holyrood has consistently delivered for Scotland. We have a record on which we are proud to campaign — delivering the best healthcare anywhere in the UK, helping businesses to thrive, and focusing above all else on education, equipping our young people to achieve the best start in life.”

He criticised the Tories and their Coalition allies the Lib Dems.

He added: “In Government with the Tories they slashed welfare spending, raised VAT to 20 per cent, privatised the Royal Mail, and broke their solemn promise on tuition fees.

“The LibDems can’t be trusted.

“The SNP will stand up to the Tories at every single turn in the Scottish Parliament, at Westminster, and in our communities.

“Now more than ever Scotland needs SNP MPs who will serve Scotland’s interests. Electing SNP MPs is the only way Scotland will have a clear and powerful voice at Westminster.”